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3D Original Further Bus  Ken Kesey & Merry Pranksters 1968 INSIDE FURTHER BUS 3D ALAN GINSBURG 'Howl Author' Unseen Photo 1969 Eugene Oregon 1960s 3D Albert Einstein Anti WAR 3D TIMOTHY LEARY -Hand Face- 1968 Eugene Oregon 3D T.V. BONANZA 1962 Eugene Oregon Alan Ginsburg 3D SHADOW 3D BLACK PANTHER BLACK POWER 1968 EUGENE OREGON


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3DMinded Mar 5, 2012
@3DVisionRulz: Thank You for the compliment :) I think all things considered it turned out nice. I used an inexpensive 35mm/slides scanner. The exact scanned image from the old negative is what I used to get this photograph. I think it is wonderful we can take an old historic photo and share it with the world here for the first time in 3D. I do not think there has EVER been a stereoscopic FURTHER Bus photo taken, if so i want to see it. :)
3DMinded Mar 5, 2012
@sostby: OZ it is THE bus. Great to see you here at 3Dvisionlive I have a bunch of negatives that will blow your mind. All from the late 60s Eugene and even the Haight Ashbury area. Good to hear from you Oz! Brian 3dminds.com
sostby Mar 5, 2012
Is that "THE" bus? That is awesome!
3DVisionRulz Mar 2, 2012
This is cool - and a nice use of 2D-3D conversion...
3DMinded Mar 1, 2012
Be sure to look for more 3D shots from Eugene to Haight Ashbury all from the late 60s. Brian 3dminds.com
Posted Mar 1, 2012 by: 3DMinded
Description: Previously unseen photo. From our private collection we pulled out a rare professional black white 35mm shot with a Nikon. 1968,69 outside of Eugene Oregon at the Kesey farm. We plan on showcasing some of our counterculture historic photos here on 3DVISION.LIVE.COM we used 3defy to get this cool effect. Ken Kesey was not fond of professionals , but Harry Gross somehow got access to the famous bus. We will be adding more from this amazing archive. Harry Gross sadly took his life in the late 70s. His work has been long forgotten until recently. We hope to share some more great shots, Black Panthers, Alan Ginsburg, Leary and more. Brian 3dminds.com
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