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Miss Hungary Miss Hungary photo camp Untitled Image miss hu luckystar miss hu misshu Limo Limo It Bear Queen Elizabeth Its big Sydney Opera house Sydney opera house


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cravinmild Oct 10, 2015
nice. Very nice. I would love some help fixing some 3d vid I have. I can do pics no prob but the 3d vids just elude me
3dtvearth Oct 24, 2014
Hi ZZ 3D , appreciate your feedback... I have been shooting first using the fujifilm w1 IN 2009 and then the fujifilm w3, we also shoot video using Pansonic Ag3dp1 and small Sony 3D CAMERAS. Unfortunately nobody has produced a proper 3d stills camera since 2009 .. 5 years on and its still not possible to buy a proper 3d SLR. I have literally hundreds of thousands of 3d photos and In judging photos I think you have to take into account popularity and technical aspect, some people can make up a 3d photo using a computer others are out there in the field taking pictures and don't necessarily have the time or inclination to spend hours editing photos. I have tried to promote 3d since i first stumbled across it in 2009 , i have been trying to develop 200 websites based on 3d but have had difficulty finding people with technical skills to assist me, I have hours of footage on 3d which has never even been edited the 2d versions of some of it can be seen here http://vimeo.com/46958613 hopefully when I get some time I will release some more photos and spend the time to edit them, my focus in more on the beauty of women than the technical aspects of the photo which is something which you can not really stage it has to be captured not giving time to mess around with a heavy beam splitter and adjusting the interocular distance , I shoot for miss hungary and miss international competition and during these photocamps with 40 or so girls I only have split second to capture a shot Iit is not a studio situation when someody brings out a nice 3d autofocus camera am sure I will improve on the technical side, but for now the images are there for people to enjoy the subject rather than the technical aspects of the 3d...Ben
NVIDIA Sep 19, 2012
I hear you - don't necessarily agree 100%. This image has been very popular on site, which also plays a part in its selection. Don't see how the desktop image was "robbed" as it was included in the same gallery ( technically it should not have been since it was submitted in 2010.) When we have the mechanics in place we will be letting the community drive the selection of these images. So stay tuned! There are many great images on the site and I doubt we could choose 12 that everyone would agree on ;-)
gwar195 Sep 17, 2012
I have to agree with ZZ3d NVIDIA, it's a 3d website and the 3d effect should be top priority on the judgement on this site more then the other aspects of the photos this photo could use a little work on 3d effect. Not to say it isnt good but you robbed the guy with the sword in the desktop photo out of this spot. Really I know not all my photos are winners but i think some of my stuff is just as good as this even better for one or 2 shots.
NVIDIA Sep 17, 2012
In our opinion, composition is as important as any other technical feature of a photograph. Also, generally speaking, many people new to the genre don't know about some of the more advanced editing techniques to improve 3D photos, which is one of the things we'd like to help improve - along with the community - over time. We have users of all skill levels that participate in sharing content no the site and feel it important to try to be as inclusive as possible.
ZZ3D Sep 8, 2012
the shot is great and the model is beautiful, no question about it! however, technically this is a very bad 3D photo: there is a severe stereo window violation, and left and right images are not vertically nor horizontally aligned. this seems to be the case with all the 3dtvearth photos. most likely the author simply shoots with his/her Fuji W3 and the just uploads photos directly, without any 3D editing, or any other photo editing. it is very surprising that Nvidia team chose this photo as one of the "Images of the Year 2011"?!? just because there's a gorgeous model on the photo doesn't mean that the 3D photo is good.... there are much better photos and artists on this site. Nvidia staff should be aware of technical aspects when awarding 3D photos.
DJNexus Jun 4, 2012
gefork79 May 5, 2012
beautiful model, in 3d makes it more beautiful
LudvikXIV Jan 25, 2012
cybereality Jun 12, 2011
Posted Jun 1, 2011 by: 3dtvearth
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Stereo Camera: Fujifilm w3
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