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Mike with his Chloe Mike with his Chloe Mike with his Chloe


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Dave August Jun 19, 2013
@wferrer: Thanks. Although the W3 has it's problems it does have it's place and I'd prefer not to lug the 600D's around a live steam track. The Golden Gate Live Steamers are having their Summer meet this coming weekend and I'll take more shots there. FWIW Mike's a VERY well known photographer in the Live Steam world, and took the picture of me on this locomotive that made the cover of Live Steam Magazine about 6 months ago, and yes he shoots 3D too with W1.
wferrer Jun 19, 2013
I like this pic.
Posted Jun 18, 2013 by: Dave August
Description: My friend Mike Massee with his 2.5 inch scale, 7.5 inch gauge, Chloe locomotive at the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers spring 2013 meet. I LOVE the steam mist in the air. These were shot with my W3, no editing at all, W3 is set for enhanced chroma.
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3D System: i7 975 dual GTX 550Ti ASUS VGA236, Custom Circular Polarized Projection System
Stereo Camera: Twin Canon 600D's, Twin Nikon D200's, Twin Canon Pro1's with custom PC control software, Fuji W3
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