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Teracot Army II. Portrait I. Lucy Kooky II. Captain Hergot car - with Kooky (red) and captain Hergot, original Castle Lednice I. Baroque Forge Tesany III. Forest II. Metal Birds Story II. Javier Garcia Moreno Guitar Festival Brno Paauli II. Tree study I. BWPaa Sirotci Castle, Palava Panter 1975 Sussane I. Old Factory Girl with lute  in candle light Lucia Fall 2012 I.


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ruthvolna May 13, 2013
Very mystical, love!
nirrw May 26, 2012
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LudvikXIV May 6, 2012
@gefork79: Hi, thanks a lot, me and Lucy are going to have new session in month or so...
gefork79 May 5, 2012
beautiful women + 3d = priceless
LudvikXIV Apr 4, 2012
Thank you for rounding phmstudio, and white eagle for great comments, will tell Lucy!
PhmStudio Apr 3, 2012
Very inspiring, very beautiful. I rounded the twenty thousand views. Congratulations!
White Eagle Apr 2, 2012
Wow, just beautiful!!
LudvikXIV Jan 25, 2012
@3dacademy: Thanks!
3dacademy Jan 24, 2012
Excellent focus to detail, light technique invokes old paintings ones! Mystic model, nice pose!
LudvikXIV Jan 12, 2012
Many thanks to NVIDIA and all you guys. Kisses from very pleased Lucy!
lodovico Jan 12, 2012
Mysterious.....very nice!
moqi Jan 10, 2012
Love It, It is a art.
3Dart May 24, 2011
@cravinmild: cant stop look as well
cravinmild May 12, 2011
Ghostly, i cant stop looking, i can almost see your breathing in this shot.
Posted Jun 12, 2011 by: LudvikXIV
Description: Lucy was my first model for the 3D shooting, very shy but very mystical. She fulfilled atelier with her mystery, each pose was breathtaking. She was also first time looking to her stereoscopic portrait and we had nice talk. I was so inspired that I used additional of her shots for montage in 3D space, you might see them in the same gallery - Night Skywalker. Game of her eyes was so wonderful, so I was crazy for the limits of my cameras to capture all the beauty she provided. I am proud we went in friendship and preparing next series of shots and movies together. Hope you like her too, so let me know!
Tags: portrait lucy
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