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Paauli I. Paauli III. Terezka I. Maternity Paauli IV. Paauli V. Paauli VI. Chateau Lednice I. Chateau Lednice II. Chateau Lednice III. Minaret stairs Chateau Lednice IV. Minaret Chateau Lednice V. Chateau Lednice VI. Greetings from P. Tree Study II. Endy Extreme Pose Beautiful Pauli


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nirrw May 26, 2012
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LudvikXIV Jan 5, 2012
@cravinmild: I will ask her, haha. But in order to align your L R photos from single camera: the free stereophotomaker sw is doing good job with its auto align, it works in most cases, see more Thanks for comment and let me know!
cravinmild Jan 4, 2012
ah, is see. Good thing i kept my big mouth shut, if she was going to drive that far for a photo shoot then driving to my house to kick my ass would not be a problem for her im sure, plus hard to explain to the wifey how all that came about lol. I shoot with a pentax k200d which is several thousands less than what your using. I was looking at the w1/w3 but ill only get one shot at affording a decent 3d cam so i think ill hold off and see what this year brings for new 3d camara models. My method of using a single dslr for taking L and then a R image seems so combersome. Editing after the fact is almost impossable to match up both images and not get some errors using CS5, not much room for fixing my shots after the buttons been pressed. Thanks for sharing your settings with me and ill take all the pointers your willing to give out. Hope to see the kickboxer lady in some more pics soon ;)
LudvikXIV Jan 3, 2012
@cravinmild: Hi again, this pose is no issue for kickboxing lady, she just told me - I have something special for your pleasure, look....Incredible. Low light conditions with no flash typically require full frame sensor camera plus high quality glasses, here I used Canon 5D Mark II with 24mm/f1.4 glasses. Thanks to NVIDIA I am proud to share the moments with you! Thanks for great feedback !
cravinmild Jan 3, 2012
Your killing me here. My nose is up against the glass now. Serious how do you get her to do that, she doesnt look drugged, do you just ask? Im just going to walk away for awhile here and ill come back to comment when i feel my comments wont be taken as offensive. Damm, need someone to pack your batterypacks, open the door, help the models undress...kidding on those first two lol Seriously nice work though. Which camara do you use for this. Are your shots perfect in the camara or do you need to fix them later. Ive never had much luck in low light shooting.
Posted Jan 1, 2012 by: LudvikXIV
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