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My deer friends I. Honza (8) Katana I. Katana II. Vineyards in Winter My Deer Friends - Honza's new attire Fascination by H. My deer friends Made from sands Klentnice in Winter Entrance to Lednice Chateau Lednice Chateau - Park Demon, Chateau Lednice Chateau Lednice - Garden view Winter Lights HDR Minaret View - Chateau Lednice Gold Deer


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LudvikXIV Mar 22, 2012
@3DVisionRulz: Interesting reception, magic of her eyes really works! Thanks for feedback!
3DVisionRulz Mar 21, 2012
the eyes look to be at screen depth (both eyes at identical depth, yes) and the forehead and nose seem to protrude a bit too much, making the eyes appear to be set too far back - though it seems no one else is seeing it this way so perhaps we're all wet! :-) beautiful image regardless!
LudvikXIV Mar 20, 2012
@NVIDIA: thanks, the depth is identical
3Dart Mar 15, 2012
The most beautiful eyes, great portrait!
NVIDIA Mar 15, 2012
Wonderful lighting and beautiful model - depth of eyes doesn't look right to me though?
3dacademy Mar 12, 2012
Awesome, great shot.
Posted Mar 10, 2012 by: LudvikXIV
Description: Since first moment, I was fascinated by her eyes, all the woman beaty concentrated in her face, smile and look...Tried to capture properly....
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