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Teracot Army II. Portrait I. Lucy Kooky II. Captain Hergot car - with Kooky (red) and captain Hergot, original Castle Lednice I. Baroque Forge Tesany III. Forest II. Metal Birds Story II. Girl with lute  in candle light Lucia Fall 2012 I. Maid of the Mist Spring in the Nile Delta Spring Muse with Citera , Palava Opening the Spring Foto-Festival I. Photo Festival VI.


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LudvikXIV Mar 15, 2013
@varmartin: thank you, nice to hear from you!
varmartin Nov 9, 2012
wow, nice surrounding
LudvikXIV Sep 20, 2012
@Stuart: Hi, thanks for your interest, just uploaded next low light shot from the same session. Hope you'll like it!
Media3D Sep 19, 2012
Your lighting and composition with this picture are superb, would love to see more like this. Great shot !
LudvikXIV Sep 11, 2012
@gwar195: Hi, sure I am aware about the possibilities. We are living with certain technical limitations to capture full space pictures in real time, when single camera simply cannot be used. I am focused to multicamera systems for high quality real time shooting, not limited just to get two shots for left and right eyes. I cannot mention more at the moment, but thanks to bring those questions up.
gwar195 Sep 11, 2012
Thanks for the shout out Ludvik You know you can shoot 3d without a 3d camera just take the right photos and use sterophotomaker it's freeware. it would take me some time to find the link but some of my shots are done better with that or adjusted with it. Also i take some apart from the w3 and edit them then put them back together. I only have one other camera and nothing fancy I have a aiptek hd camera thats like 14 mp i think.
LudvikXIV Sep 10, 2012
Thank 3dvisionlive a lot for the awards, really great site, very inspirative with competitions and possibility to learn a lot also from world of games. Special thanks to crawinmild, NVIDIA, ConanWhitehouse, Alex Savin, gwar195, eqzitara, 3dacademy and other great guys here for nice feedbacks and comments. This photo is created with old analog 1.2 lenses, manually focused with modern full frame body. The summer is over, so I am closing my Summer girls series, which made me pretty busy over 3 months. Stereoscopic photography and technology is really strong passion for me, and I am very proud to share it here on 3dvisionlive. I started development of my own stereoscopic camera with 41MPix sensors, so will be busy upcoming months with the R&D (unless I will be catched by magic of some beautiful model). Again, thanks for nice words for my work, and wish you wonderful 3d days!
NVIDIA Sep 10, 2012
Amazing lighting and color!
cravinmild Sep 10, 2012
captivating, beautiful color, wonderful model and perfect depths as always. Magical image and well captured. thank you for this.
3dacademy Sep 8, 2012
Your Summer Girl serie has additional top photo. This one is awesome!
Posted Sep 8, 2012 by: LudvikXIV
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