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Teracot Army II. Portrait I. Lucy Kooky II. Captain Hergot car - with Kooky (red) and captain Hergot, original Castle Lednice I. Baroque Forge Tesany III. Forest II. Metal Birds Story II. Lucia Fall 2012 I. Maid of the Mist Spring in the Nile Delta Spring Muse with Citera , Palava Opening the Spring Foto-Festival I. Photo Festival VI. High Tatras II. View from Skalnate Pleso


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Nicola Morandi Nov 8, 2012
very cute and beautiful
ruthvolna Oct 22, 2012
One of the best 3D shots!
varmartin Oct 22, 2012
I like really this one :)
mindw0rk Oct 18, 2012
LudvikXIV Oct 18, 2012
Very kind feedback to my work, thank you very much. Please stay tuned, will update soon....Ludvik
NVIDIA Oct 16, 2012
Couldn't agree more ;-)
3dacademy Oct 16, 2012
Agree with crawinmild, great mood, space and composition, hot candidate for award.
hotelorchidea Oct 16, 2012
splynutie s prĂ­rodou:)
Media3D Oct 15, 2012
Another great shot Ludvik, keep them coming!
LudvikXIV Oct 15, 2012
@cravinmild: thank you, again very nice from you, cheers!
cravinmild Oct 12, 2012
i like this one best so far. its just feels so relaxed, wonderful blurring in the distance and a nice lighting.
LudvikXIV Oct 10, 2012
@NVIDIA: Thanks a lot for nice feedback! My trip to Slovakia was really nice, pretty long (>600km) for 2 days...Enjoyed with my Slovakia friends and models, Lucia, Judith, love those great people! Their favorite drink is spisska borovicka, pretty strong one!
NVIDIA Oct 10, 2012
Stunning shot Ludvik - really like this one. Great lighting and depth. Wow!
Posted Oct 10, 2012 by: LudvikXIV
Description: This is my second shooting with wonderful Lucia, fall colours and the last sunny day in Kolarovo created wonderful scenery and light for us. Famous Kolarovo bridge, 80m long, made from wood with roof is located close to the water mill. We had very nice session, glad that many of you like Lucia, my favorite model.
Tags: photo girl
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