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Sirotci Castle II. Palava, Moravia Mystical ruin Palava - surround Trojan Warrior I. Trojan Warrior II. Trojan Warrior IV. Helene Virgins Trail Ruins - Surround view Trojan Warrior IV. Surround Trojan Warrior II - update Trojan series Team - Stanislava - between shots Trojan Warrior IV. Surround Update Team of Trojan Warrior - Anicka Sunset at Castle Sirotci, Palava 2/2013 Sirotci 2/2013


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LudvikXIV Feb 22, 2013
@Biegfried, Media3D: thank you to join me here, I would like to share also taste of white Palava vine, so far the best one. Here found current 3d stereoscopic technology features not sufficient...
Biegfried Feb 21, 2013
Great shot!
Media3D Feb 21, 2013
Nice composition Ludvik.
LudvikXIV Feb 20, 2013
Yesterday I visited my lovely place Sirotci castle at Palava, South Moravia, tried to catch miracle of sunset here. This is going to be tradition for me, see more shots from the location in my Historical reminiscences. On March 2012 we did here Trojan Warrior series, pretty nice weather also for models.. Magic of the location worked again and I wanted to bring a bit with my stereophotos.
Posted Feb 20, 2013 by: LudvikXIV
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