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Pauli and Birch Tree Adele I. Portrait Adele II. Butterfly Happy Easter! Redhead Muse Boom Girl I. Vesna I. Flight into Vintage Photo Blue Portrait, Judith Blue, Judith Levitation in Blue Space, Judith Tunde, Spring Celebration Hot. Hot&Blue series with  Judith Orchid. Foto festival II.


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Rudnia013 Nov 21, 2013
In SWAP sieht viel besser aus, sonst hat man Gefuel die Schmetterling fliegt dem Objekt direkt in das Auge...))
LudvikXIV Jul 24, 2013
@cravinmild: Hi, always glad to hear from you, thanks for great comment cravinmild! I'll definitely will post desired shot. I planned shooting with Lucia again, but thanks to my shots she is now very busy photo model. Hope you are doing well, have great summer!
cravinmild Jul 14, 2013
This is a really great shot, great pose wonderful shading and true to life capture. I feel the butterflies take from this image though... the back one not so much but the front one throws the image off, its distracting. I hate to myself for complaining about your image, your work is so incredible.
LudvikXIV Jun 4, 2013
Thanks a lot, dear friends! Dianne sorry to let you wait so long, will update desired shot for lads....
ch-b May 31, 2013
niceee :O
3dacademy May 22, 2013
Nice model, sensitive vintage shot,!
Dianne May 21, 2013
A nice compelling photo Ludvik, although I suspect the lads would prefer it without the butterflies (LOL) .
Media3D May 21, 2013
Hello Ludvik, I love images with that old sepia look. The colour butterfly complementing the balance of the picture, excellent!
Posted May 20, 2013 by: LudvikXIV
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