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Teracot Army II. Portrait I. Lucy Kooky II. Captain Hergot car - with Kooky (red) and captain Hergot, original Castle Lednice I. Baroque Forge Tesany III. Forest II. Metal Birds Story II. Javier Garcia Moreno Guitar Festival Brno Paauli II. Tree study I. Foto-Festival I. Photo Festival VI. High Tatras II. View from Skalnate Pleso Autumn goodbye to summer Hair Adrspach Lake


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LudvikXIV Jun 28, 2013
Alex Savin, 3dvisionRulz, thank you. Shooted in beautiful location in Cesky Krumlov.
3DVisionRulz Jun 25, 2013
Whoa... very nice. Girl of the Week material fo' shizzle....
Alex Savin Jun 22, 2013
Nice one!
3dacademy Jun 21, 2013
Highly detailed - eyes are amazing - great shot!
Posted Jun 20, 2013 by: LudvikXIV
Description: Photo festival in Cesky Krumlov was great event. Historical city, more than 25 photo locations, best photographs and models, lot of courses and workshops. I was only one with stereoscopic exhibition, presented on 10 no glasses displays and one 3D TV with polarization glasses. Had two presentations about stereoscopic photography each day. Unfortunately photo locations were around the city, so it was not possible to attend all of them. Those shots with beautiful model were done in location of Ceskobudejovicka city gate.
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