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Posted Jul 23, 2012 by: NVIDIA
Description: Nazanin Mandi is a singer, actress,and model from Valencia, CA. Nazanin Mandi is a recognized talent as a finalist on Ed Mcmahon's (Star Search spin off) "Next Big Star", American Idol(Top 35 contestant-Fox), the reality talent competition, "Are You The Girl" (TBoz/Chilli-UPN) and most recently a Series Regular On "Rock Star Academy". Her television experience is also supported by acting roles on Disney Channel's, feature family comedy, "That's So Raven" (Raven Simone), Independent Feature Films and is featured in the music video for "Anonymous" (Bobby Valentino) as the main love interest. Nazanin is the personality of choice as host to numerous shows, and the face of choice for several national commercials.
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