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Posted Jul 23, 2012 by: NVIDIA
Description: This marks the first appearance for model and actress Natasha Yi as 3D Vision Girl of the Week. Natasha has appeared in many movies, including Speed Dating, Hell Ride, Thunder Over Reno, The Run Down, and Rush Hour 2. She made cameos for The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Rules of Engagement and other television programs. She was the host of Octane TV. You may have also seen Natasha playing characters in music videos for Panic at the Disco, Janelle Monae, The Urgency and others. Stay tuned for major announcements regarding movie and television roles! She has been in several commercials and major ad campaigns for popular brands such as Nokia, Puma, Axe, Regis & Carlton Hair Salons, Nike, D&G, Pepsi, Marriott Hotels, Timberland, JCPenny, Close Up, AT&T, Target, Bud Light, Toyota, Sony, Best Buy, McDonald’s, SBC,and more. Natasha has also been animated in video games such as ‘SRS’ (Street Racing Syndicate) by Namco and ’187 Ride or Die’ by Ubisoft. Scarlet Angel is another video game in which she stars as a freelance mercenary fighting villains. Scarlet Angel, the feature film, is coming soon! Natasha Yi also stars in her own comic series based on the lifestyle and adventures of being a model and actress called ‘Nat’s Adventures’. An animated series is in production. Bio from www.natashayi.com
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