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WereShark May 19, 2014
AirplaneChaser Jan 8, 2013
good eyes - I guess I was blinded... ;-)
Dave August Jan 8, 2013
Bad Alingmnet because there is a rotational difference in the images. You can see it in the carpet pattern, her left foot, and how far off the top of the piano and candelabra are. The hyperness of the stereo magnifies this. If you save the L&R images, load them in SPM and rotate the left image -2deg, and realign so her toes are at the screen it makes a SIGNIFICANT improvement.
AirplaneChaser Jan 8, 2013
Very bad? How so.....
shots3D Jan 8, 2013
very good photo, but VERY BAD stereoscopic alignment
AirplaneChaser Dec 21, 2012
Posted Jul 23, 2012 by: NVIDIA
Description: Melanie current appears on MTV's "Guy Code" and "Jersey Shore" as Vinny's love interest. The model and actress also took Maxim's 2010 "Hometown Hotties" crown. This is her first appearance as 3D Vision Girl of the Week and we look forward to (hopefully) many more!
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