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Birds eye view Sid the snake Thomas, a walk on the wild side WAKE UP! Chilling out Move over Never mind the birds Chase Paws Spreading your wings Nuts! Bambi What you looking at... A boy and his dog The Look Out Portrait of a cat


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Media3D May 21, 2013
@jeffus: Many thanks, appreciate your feedback :
jeffus May 21, 2013
great image. Luv the POP
Media3D Apr 15, 2013
Ventura: Many thanks for your vote. To help me improve on any further postings I would be grateful if you would share your reasons for giving the image a poor rating?
Zloth Jul 21, 2012
I dare ya' to grab it's tongue!
NVIDIA Jul 19, 2012
very cool!
Posted Jul 16, 2012 by: Media3D
Description: A fake snake set up in the garden to create a fascinating 3D image.
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3D System: 3D Vision, Panasonic TV, 3D Projection system, shutter glasses.
Stereo Camera: Fuji W3 Stereo camera
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