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Iron Dog Iron Frog Porcelain Cat Batman Wooden Warrior Time Action! Art Autumn Otters Any Old Iron Akamba


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Media3D Jan 10, 2014
@LudvikXIV: Thank you Ludvik!
LudvikXIV Jan 10, 2014
Very interesting sculpture from Africa, well captured Stuart!
Posted Jan 9, 2014 by: Media3D
Description: One of the metal sculptures photographed at Akamba Nurseries, B,ham, U.K. The sculptures are made and imported to the U.K. from Africa. Info: Camera Fuji W3 Stereo
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3D System: 3D Vision, Panasonic TV, 3D Projection system, shutter glasses.
Stereo Camera: Fuji W3 Stereo camera
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