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Playing around in the Carpark Carpark continued... Cypress location scouting Flying at the Bay Bikini Model 3d Forest fashion shoot Rocky Bikini location Bikini on the rocks Mist rolling in On the edge Valley On the edge 2 Cyprus ruins Queensland Rainforest Walking on water


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Conan Whitehouse Jan 17, 2012
It can cost a fortune!! But in my case I managed to pick up a second secondhand camera cheap to match with one I already had. The real money comes when you start doubling up on lenses. BUT you don't necessarily need two cameras to shoot 3d. If you have a fairly static scene and a steady hand you can use one camera in sports mode or motor drive and get two frames by moving the camera side to side. Alot of compacts these days have a decent sports mode that will shoot up to 14 frames in a second. This is known as "cha-cha" because of the side to side motion of your body / the camera when taking the shot ;) Try it and see how it goes!!
alexito Jan 15, 2012
canon twin dslr's on either z bracket or side by side? How much did that cost?
Posted Jan 4, 2012 by: Conan Whitehouse
Description: Rocky waterfront location on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.
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3D System: Nvidia 3d Vision
Stereo Camera: canon twin dslr's on either z bracket or side by side - fuji w3
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