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Your setup needs updating.You may be missing, or have improperly installed, one or more of the required 3D Vision components. Please check the System Requirements page for more details.

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alexito Apr 13, 2013
Yes, 3D is good, maybe more light will make it excellent
gwar195 Mar 27, 2013
i wanted to try to set a scene with the photos winter clothes comeing of and spring comeing not sure what people think when looking at it
Scott_thornton Mar 3, 2013
i will keep that in mind more the problem in china is the rooms are very small normaly it was hard to get some of these to look that good with the range i have to work with and the 3d. I mean back against the wall with alot of these you know. But i tried to get them to work as best i could. Always good to hear from you and your right i should work on lighting a bit in these situations.
LudvikXIV Mar 3, 2013
Hi Gwar, you got nice model. My 5 cents - use better light from the windows for your model , try to catch light game on her ...
gwar195 Mar 2, 2013
the 3d on this one is good
Posted Mar 2, 2013 by: gwar195
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3D System: custom nvidia 3d also program sterophoto maker
Stereo Camera: fujifilm w3 alt f1 for games
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