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Beautiful Bird at Yerba Buena Park Heliton San Francisco Heliton San Francisco Heliton Beautiful flowers in San Francisco - CA by Heliton Very cool picture at Mission Street in San Francisco Grace Cathedral San Francisco - CA GameStop Store Dora Cable Car San Francisco - CA Hyatt Regency in San Francisco - CA Really cool Sculpture Palace Hotel Embarcadero 555 Mission Street San Francisco by Heliton


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Heliton May 3, 2013
@NVIDIA: Thank you, it's very nice knowing that NVIDIA has seen my picture. Because you liked that I also uploaded the same one but taken at night, it's really cool too. Let me know what's your favorite.
Alex Savin May 2, 2013
Nice capture!
NVIDIA Apr 25, 2013
great perspective!
Posted Apr 25, 2013 by: Heliton
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3D System: Notebook Asus 3d G74S and 50" Panasonic 3DTV
Stereo Camera: Sony HDR-TD10 and Fujifilm W3
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