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museum02 Soveja01 Soveja02 Mamaia03 Cetatea Neamt 01 Cetatea Neamt 03 Cetatea Neamt 04 goodies (2) The Cure bent trees a random red cow resting... :P Black Sea 01 Black Sea 02 Black Sea 03 small laboratory


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Ventura Jun 29, 2012
@nirrw: you sure found the right place for some spamming!... -_-
nirrw May 26, 2012
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Ventura Oct 7, 2011
@cravinmild: Well, it's not real, but hey, thanks, it seems that I made it realistic after all. :)) (see the "3dsmax + 3d vision" image).
cravinmild Oct 5, 2011
I really like how the background looks flat but the nice spread of goodies is in it real?
NVIDIA Oct 5, 2011
Very nice! The vertical parallax adjustments in this version really make a difference! Thx for sharing with the community!!
Posted Oct 5, 2011 by: Ventura
Description: with revised (and proper) convergence settings...
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3D System: nvidia 3D vision, gtx 580
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