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    Im a 3d pc gamer with a passion for everything pc related. Im completely taken by this whole 3d thing since ive gotten my nvidia 3d vision setup. I like to help others if i can and enjoy what life has to offer. Taking pics was something i was big into awhile back but have not had much interest in it lately till i figured out how to convert 2d pics into 3d, now im addicted...serious. I like to post in forums and chat with nice peeps PS I hate sleezy marketing, dishonesty and Clowns. I like nature, movies and stuff thats free.
  • 3D System:
    Nvidia 3d Vision
  • Stereo Camera:
    Fuji W3-Pentax k200D DSLR -i7 2700k/GTX Titan/16GB 1866/PS6,Vegas Pro,Nero 3d
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