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Turkey in the oven Corsair H100/HAF 932 Rare genetic mutation Lamborghini Tire and Brakes C.O.D Zombie Lego-focus stacking


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NVIDIA May 22, 2014
Love it!
Posted May 19, 2014 by: cravinmild
Description: Few hours of messing around with focus stacking images in Photoshop. Each side need 13 images stacked for full focus. Images took about 1-3 mins for alignment and blending. Finished .jps image is about 4.5mb. Pentex k200d using PK_tether software. Picked up a few COD Lego Collector sets for this project. Hope to upload more of these images as I work with this process. I would like to use my light box next time for more light control and then shoot on green for placing my own backgrounds. I am no expert in this but I do enjoy it a lot. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.
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3D System: Nvidia 3d Vision
Stereo Camera: Fuji W3-Pentax k200D DSLR -i7 2700k/GTX Titan/16GB 1866/PS6,Vegas Pro,Nero 3d
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