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Your setup needs updating.You may be missing, or have improperly installed, one or more of the required 3D Vision components. Please check the System Requirements page for more details.

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Switch- Box (HDR) City Hall in Karlsruhe (Germany)- HDR Place of Rights in Karlsruhe (Germany) HDR A work- bench (HDR- Photo) Downstairs (HDR-Photo) Paper Steam??? In a basement garage HDR In the basement of a hidden place The (dirty) toilet... Underground HDR Time tunnel ;) HDR A basement garage II HDR A school in the night Crocus I HDR Crocus II HDR


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Posted Feb 2, 2011 by: Alexius7777
Tags: crocus hdr
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3D System: 3D- Vision with Samsung 2233RZ, Panasonic Plasma TX-P42GT20E with 3D-glasses
Stereo Camera: Canon 1000D with Manfrotto macro frame
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