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California State Capitol Building California State Capitol Building Lift bridge over the American River Downtown Sacramento


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Dave August Jun 13, 2013
@alex: Thanks! Compliments from the other well know contributors are extra special. I just posted the other good shot from this run. Even though the capitol building isn't in it I think it's better shot of the city. "Seeing" that day was pretty good, we were flying at 1100 ft and the center of most of these was at about 1 mile. I was shooting with the 600D/t3i using the 55-250 "kit lens" racked to about 75. ASA400 1/800 F5.6. It was about 80F up where we were and that was making it pretty bouncy. It was rough enough I had to turn off the IS on the lens, it was going nuts trying keep the image stable.
Alex Savin Jun 13, 2013
Nice capture!
Posted Jun 12, 2013 by: Dave August
Description: Looking over the California State Capitol Building and down Capitol Mall. I love the reflections off the buildings in the background.
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3D System: i7 975 dual GTX 550Ti ASUS VGA236, Custom Circular Polarized Projection System
Stereo Camera: Twin Canon 600D's, Twin Nikon D200's, Twin Canon Pro1's with custom PC control software, Fuji W3
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