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Full Bloom Purple Orchid White Orchid Cluster Floral Display (3) Stepping Out It's a jungle! Spring in the air Lilies Spring Daffodil Spring Blossom Sunshine Tulip After the rain Woodland Nymph Dahlia Harvest time Autumn rose hips


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cocosolo Oct 13, 2013
alguien sabe como leche se pueden ver fotografias y videos en 3D,ya estoy registrado y nada,gracias
cravinmild Apr 20, 2013
I learn so much for viewing the images in this site. Thanks for explaining your process as it helps me a lot. I am very interested in macro shooting and photograph every electronic item I get in 3d using L/R. As yet I have not found a process which is able to produce constant and similar results each time. Ive put 3d shooting on pause for the last year or so but I am looking at picking up this art again. I love providing feedback, I hope to finish viewing the rest of your gallery today. Love the popout that flower shots provide.
Media3D Apr 20, 2013
@cravinmild: Hi, thanks for the feedback. I do have a Fuji W3 but this was taken with the very first Sony Cyber shot camera DSC F707. The daffodil was placed against a blue screen, the camera was set on a 3 burst capture while moving the camera from left to right and the first and last frame were used to give the stereoscopic effect. The blue screen was removed via chroma key. Again thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!
cravinmild Apr 20, 2013
wonderful and well done image. Love the shade of yellow and very pleasant pop out. How were you able to create such a nice image with the w3? I have gone back to shooting L/R images on a single lens DSLR as I prefer it to the Fuji w3.
Media3D Apr 19, 2013
@LudvikXIV: Thanks Ludvik!
LudvikXIV Apr 19, 2013
so well tuned series, I dont need real flowers (but my girlfriend will not share this with me...)
Posted Apr 19, 2013 by: Media3D
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3D System: 3D Vision, Panasonic TV, 3D Projection system, shutter glasses.
Stereo Camera: Fuji W3 Stereo camera
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