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San Sebastian San Sebastian San Sebastian San Sebastian San Sebastian San Sebastian Cathedral San Sebastian sea rocks San Sebastian sea stairs San Sebastian surfs Segovia Cathedral, Spain Segovia Cathedral, Spain Alcazar Park, Segovia Segovia, Spain Aqueduct of Segovia Aqueduct of Segovia Royal Palace Madrid


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cravinmild Dec 31, 2011
Good shot! Bright, nice colors, clear and no distortion.
Conan Whitehouse Dec 30, 2011
Nice work!!! It's not easy to drag a stereo slr rig around all day but it's definitely worth it :D
Posted Dec 29, 2011 by: Alex Savin
Description: A picture from San Sebastian town, Spain. Taken during my trip in September - October 2011. Check out my blog for more:
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3D System: Acer GD245HD monitor + Acer H5360 3D projector
Stereo Camera: Dual rig with Canon 1000D cameras
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