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TES V: Skyrim - Interior Night TES V: Skyrim - Exterior Night TES V: Skyrim - Interior Gore TES V: Skyrim - Exterior Night


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mindw0rk Aug 2, 2013
Im very interested in this. Can you please make a post on 3D Vision forum when its done and ready? Also is there any way to make Real Vision ENB compatible?
Posted Jul 29, 2013 by: amplifie
Description: I´m working on an ENB/HELIX/SMAA mixed Profile. ENB Mod and 3D Vision are incompatible, so i mixed Helix´s mod with Boris Vorontsov ENB Mod (new binaries 0.19x) and SMAA Mod to try to achieve a Texture Enhancement-Effect similar to ENB Mod. So far this is what i got... If it´s ready and most issues are gone, i will publish this Profile(s) on Skyrimnexus.
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