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Broken Desktop Nvidia Desktop Magic 3D Lens Follow me! The Butterfly Effect II (Alfero - Italy) The Butterfly Effect I (Alfero - Italy) Big Moon! March 19, 2011 Beach Football between the  umbrellas Beach Football on the seashore.. NEONERO JEWELS GRAZIELLA GROUP JEWELS GRAZIELLA GROUP JEWELS


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Thanks! :D
NVIDIA Jun 15, 2011
That's a very nice 3D shot, indeed!
Federico Jun 14, 2011
Wonderful 3D effect !!! nice job!
Sblindo Jun 14, 2011
Fiuuu! I have avoid the ball at the last second! Great photo!
giuga May 26, 2011
Can I play with you??? XD
Posted May 26, 2011 by: Arte&Co.Scienza Foundation and Academy
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3D System: HW: Nvidia, Panasonic, Samsung; SW: Pinnacle, Sterephoto Maker, Stereoplayer, Stereovideo Maker
Stereo Camera: Nikon (two coupled), Canon (two coupled), Fuji, Panasonic (two coupled),
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