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Warehouse Wonderland Warehouse Wonderland Nuclear Summer Stan Lee and Spider-Man Kim Kardashian's Wild West


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Dave August Jan 12, 2013
@shots3D: Although both images have been HEAVILY 'shopped I don't think that is the reason. If you look CLOSELY there are a lot of artifacts that apear to be from mis-synced shutters, I suspicion many of the "bangles" on her costume moved between shots espically the ones on her hip. There is also a lot of "Retinal Rivalry" because the reflections off many of the "bangles" change for each eye.
shots3D Jan 12, 2013
Love it , but took me a while to figure out what minor error confused my eyes: Her hip is photoshopped, but only on the LEFT eye view
Javier Barañano Sep 22, 2012
Perfect composition, stereography and beauty model, congratulations!!!
jeremiahkokjh Jun 19, 2012
Large photos are more gorgeous
LudvikXIV May 10, 2012
Congratulation to such model, Nick!
NVIDIA May 9, 2012
Incredible image!
Posted Apr 20, 2012 by: Nick Saglimbeni
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