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Playing around in the Carpark Carpark continued... Cypress location scouting Flying at the Bay Bikini Model 3d Forest fashion shoot Rocky Bikini location Bikini beach Gold Coast Exotic Flavour 2 Carpark Catsuit 1 Carpark Catsuit 2 Carpark Catsuit 3 Carpark Catsuit 4 Strangler fig


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alexito Jan 15, 2012
And photo looks REAL 3D..
Conan Whitehouse Jan 6, 2012
@lodovico Thanks!! very difficult in this location to set up elaborate lighting due to high wind gusts, uneven surfaces and a surging ocean being right behind her. Sometimes a sacrifice on lighting has to be made to shoot in a certain location.
lodovico Jan 6, 2012
Very simple lightning setup, pity for shadow behind nice girl!
cravinmild Dec 31, 2011
beautiful girl, nice shot but just ever so slightly blurry in the face.....great body btw
Posted Dec 29, 2011 by: Conan Whitehouse
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3D System: Nvidia 3d Vision
Stereo Camera: canon twin dslr's on either z bracket or side by side - fuji w3
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