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Nine Stones Circle Coast path near Millook Millook Haven Wayside cross near Trewethern, St Kew Bluebells in Fenteroon Wood near Camelford St Pratt's Holy Well Celtic wayside cross near Lesnewth Jubilee Rock Ruins of china clay works near Heneward, Bodmin Moor Stream near old china clay works near Heneward, Bodmin Moor Atlantic coastline near Millook Graveyard of Church of St James the Great, St Kew


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jeffus Jun 18, 2013
good woodland image
Posted Jun 15, 2013 by: dpa99c
Description: In the mediaeval period, stone crosses were sometimes placed by the road or path. There have been various reasons for erecting these: markers placed along routes used by Christian pilgrims, or as a shrine in reverence, perhaps to a saint who has some connection to the locality. Others mark burial sites, a disaster, a miracle, or some other event that should be remembered. In some cases, they were erected to mark meeting places for Christian worship and later churches were built adjacent to the cross, resulting in the cross being within the churchyard or close by.
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