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Pauli and Birch Tree Adele I. Portrait Adele II. Butterfly Happy Easter! Redhead Muse Boom Girl I. Vesna I. Vesna IV. Vesna V. Spring Miracles Portrait in the Palava Cave Sunset, Palava Flight into Vintage Photo Blue Portrait, Judith Blue, Judith Levitation in Blue Space, Judith


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LudvikXIV Nov 21, 2013
@Rudnia013: Thank you , also nice and friendly model is needed! Appreciated!
Rudnia013 Nov 21, 2013
Ich glaube, die gut ausgestattene Kamera spielt die erste Rolle in digitale Fotografie, danach natürlich die beste Grafik Karte - sehr gute Belichtung, Klarheit, Kompo, gratulation !
Posted Mar 30, 2013 by: LudvikXIV
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