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Pauli and Birch Tree Adele I. Portrait Adele II. Butterfly Happy Easter! Redhead Muse Boom Girl I. Vesna I. Vesna IV. Vesna V. Spring Miracles Portrait in the Palava Cave Sunset, Palava Flight into Vintage Photo Blue Portrait, Judith Blue, Judith Levitation in Blue Space, Judith


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Dianne Apr 13, 2013
@NVIDIA: Copy of e-mail: Many thanks for your community reply, (3D vision live.) I've not received any communication from yourself via e-mail. I have not many photos posted on your site but love to look at other members work and where necessary place a vote and a valid comment, this is the reason I signed on to 3D Vision Live. There seems no point in being a member if you are allowing random voting outside the community. You state that anonymous voting has no impact on the rating of a photo, I disagree, if this is the case why place an icon giving you the highest rated pictures and then take a look at how many good quality images have been removed from the board. You have also asked me for examples, take a look at your community board, do you consider that many of these anonymous votes are valid? or just rated at random? If you intend to continue with this anonymous voting system then at least make some changes to your wording, I believe one suggestion was like or dislike, depending on the star rating and leave the valid voting for genuine members or have no problem in their convictions or name vote. Thank you for the opportunity to air my views. Regards.
NVIDIA Apr 13, 2013
Hello Dianne, I've invited you a couple times now to send me examples of where/when you think this new voting system has been detrimental - many photo sites enable some sort of voting wihout login.... and again, member participation with voting and ratings was very low, which is the main reason we're trying this. Please drop me a note at and let me know your thoughts about this issue in detail. Thanks. And I don't see low votes for images such as this one... average rating is 4.9.... ? I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
Dianne Apr 12, 2013
Love this picture Ludvik. Girl power, amazing shot! but yet again I see a number of anonymous voting. Come on Nvidia, don't you think it's about time you put a stop to these cowardly individuals or are afraid to put their names to their vote.
LudvikXIV Apr 10, 2013
@Stuart: Hi Stuart, appreciated!
Media3D Apr 8, 2013
Hi Ludvik, absolutely love it!
3dacademy Apr 8, 2013
Awesome model(s)!
Posted Apr 7, 2013 by: LudvikXIV
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