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Pauli and Birch Tree Adele I. Portrait Adele II. Butterfly Happy Easter! Redhead Muse Boom Girl I. Vesna I. BlankB Petrov, Color BlankaB Portrait BW BlankaB Portrait Color Palava 2013 Blanca Palava 2013 I. Egyptian Reminscence I. Photo Festival XV. Palava III. BW


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lodovico Sep 13, 2013
Amazing shot!
cravinmild Sep 12, 2013
Your very welcome, I love your work. You have a wonderful way of presenting your models and incorporating the environment your shooting in, I find it unique, artistic not to mention very professional. I cant help but wonder about all the time, effort and everything else it must take to get an image ready for viewing such as this wonderful shot, Big fan of this shot, ive been back to view it several times now, thanks, I see it as time well spent.
LudvikXIV Sep 9, 2013
@cravinmild: Special note my friend, so glad to see your comments again here! Thanks!
LudvikXIV Sep 9, 2013
Thank you friends for really kind and very valuable feedback! According to your feedback seems better to post both versions, color and BW. With the background it was intention, seems that reception is on some edge, appreciated! Hope you'll enjoy next one shot with beautiful Czech model Blanka....Cheers Ludvik
3dacademy Sep 8, 2013
Great image, very interesting model. No doubt that bokeh for the far background would even more emphasize the model, but guess it was intention. Agreed with cravinmild. Very positive to see discussion about real photo!
cravinmild Sep 7, 2013
I prefer this image to the pervious High Key image uploaded. I do like the high key also but as mentioned I like to see the details. I don't find the background competes, I think its that the background can shift when moving your eyes around the image where as the subject in the front remains static. The model is very attractive and requires a strong background to offset/equal out the image. Congrats on another great image, your model is also stunning as is your norm (thanks lol). Her hair falling on her arms shows great depth as does her face, I love the hand to mouth pose.... what is she thinking I wonder to myself. Very natural and you have done well to capture the moment. The beautiful skin tones works well with the lack of color in the background, keeps her as the priority when your eyes begin to wander your drawn back to the model. It takes a very beautiful woman to pull your eyes from that increadible background and you've nailed it. Big thanks to the model and big congrats for you my friend. I hope to see more of this model she is very captivating to look at. Thanks
mindw0rk Sep 6, 2013
Love it!
NVIDIA Sep 6, 2013
Very nice - lots of interesting elements. For me, the steeples in the background compete with the main image a bit. But I love the pose and the clarity is spectacular.
Real3D Sep 6, 2013
Nice detail, hard to choose between this or the black and white image. As a matter of interest, which do you prefer ?
Dianne Sep 6, 2013
BEAUTIFUL IMAGE LUDVIK! such a shame that a small minority of anonymous cowardly voter (s) need to have their eyes tested, suggest they pay a visit to Spec savers:
Posted Sep 6, 2013 by: LudvikXIV
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